At Arab International Academy we empower companies through our e-learning platform that delivers professional training. We are a professional provider of continuing education approved by Minister of National Education and Vocational Training [Morocco].

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Learn to Build a Better World
Our mission is to galvanize a global community of building sector practitioners to learn, develop and share the knowledge and skills with which to implement high-impact projects worldwide.

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We create dynamic online learning solutions, which we offer to building professionals around the globe, looking to foster connection and collaboration of expertise throughout educational field.

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Our e-learning programs enhance staff capability to more actively impact the goals of clients and the objectives of their companies. Through an array of offerings we address the constraints of growing businesses: continuing education credits to retain professional licenses; instruction in the latest developments in the field; training to enhance the skill-set of employees at every level; context-specific content to fit developing projects.

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About Academy

AIA is a private online academy offering students anywhere in the world a rigorous curriculum taught by highly qualified, experienced teachers. We understand that not all students fit the traditional school mold, and we are pleased to offer a positive choice to those unique students still searching for an effective way to meet their educational needs.

Why Choose Us

  • EDUCATION: Our curriculum is geared to help prepare students for success.
  • TUITION PLANNING: All financing options will be explored for you.
  • FLEXIBILITY: We offers a variety of schedule options. We will help you choose the best schedule to meet your needs.

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